ARCH AI: Market Rate Benchmarking

HCM Strategies ARCH AI platform analyzes the entire labor market to provide accurate and actionable compensation analytics. Leveraging natural language processing (NLP), ARCH AI captures key attributes and context from job descriptions and then our proprietary machine learning engine intelligently recommends rates tailored to your compensation strategy.

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Product Overview

AI Market Analysis: Our proprietary AI engine analyzes full-time market data, contingent labor rates, and extracts market intel from public sites to provide accurate market rates validated by multiple sources.

Rate Card Recommendations: Our AI Machine Learning model derives rate card recommendations considering location(s), skills, job description context, compensation strategy, macro-economic trends and rate card strategy.

Business Analytics: Dedicated business analysts ensure rate card accuracy and alignment with contingent workforce trends, job function variability, geographies, and other business nuances.

VMS Integrations: HCM Strategies will extract required data from your VMS and work with your VMS partners to integrate rate card updates.

Proactive Monitoring: Once your rate card is developed, HCM Strategies will proactively perform outlier analysis, labor market analysis, benchmark new job titles and update your standard job taxonomy monthly.